With more than 20 years of experience Cherkezov Ltd. is a leader in the stone processing industry, the production and sale of limestone, marble, granite and travertine products. Not only did the product range of Cherkezov Ltd. grow to reach more than 50 different natural rock cladding materials, but the company has also been successful in implementing a number of investment projects in order to continuously optimise its technological base – all with the aim of increasing both production capacity, market competitiveness and high quality in the larger framework of environmental sustainability.
The company has a long strategic vision to increase the volume of processed marble materials and to allow no unused material in the production. Throughout its history Cherkezov Ltd. has invested in different equipment that allows it to have almost top of the range processing of different natural stones in a natural safety environment.
However, until this moment the company does not have a special line for marble processing allowing automated resining. Before the acquisition of the new equipment, the resining at Cherkezov Ltd. was done manually and the marble slabs/blocks were left to dry in the open air, which in addition to a higher amount of time, requires also a certain temperature.
Therefore, the objective of the project “Green Finishes in Cherkezov Ltd” was to complement the ongoing green innovations at Cherkezov Ltd. via a new resining line and to boost the company’s competitiveness. The company’s idea was to install a line for resining marble slabs with robotized pilot in order to increase the effectiveness of the marble sources usage and to prevent negative consequences on the environment caused by the factory’s manufacturing activity. After initial research, the company has decided to go for the best solution regarding its own needs.
The resining line contributes to less waste as this manufacturing process copes with the fractured or damaged stones, which would be otherwise thrown away. This leads to higher competitiveness. All the systems energy – efficient due to the special engines.
The project was implemented solely by Cherkezov Ltd. The total project’s value is EUR 444 340, EUR 200 000 from the donor – Norway grants.